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Who We Are details-contact-website-about-us-contact-us-web-page-company-profile-who-we-are

JustScholar.com provides educational consulting services for students looking for information about admissions, scholarships, and student financial and business assistance.

Open your door to the world of scholarships.

JustScholars is an educational platform with all the resources scholars need to make the best decision in your educational career. The scholarship database features comprehensive information on hundreds of scholarships, their criteria, and application requirements. Integrated with a social media network for scholars, JustScholars makes it possible for anyone to gain access to information on thousands of available funding opportunities.

Our Mission is to make your educational decision-making process as easy as possible, leading you towards the best college for you. Making this process even easier, JustScholars has built a powerful platform offering Scholars numerous resources. The time-consuming process of visiting Colleges or searching online can be done in minutes on our platform.

And with over 1500 colleges that are working with us, just about every major college is available to you on JustScholars!

JustScholars collates all the information you can need to make your choice simple. We ensure that you get the best-customized study plan tailored to both your academic and career goals. All this while taking care of all the other requirements like accommodation, transportation, integration program, and scholarship application process.

Whether you’re looking to move onto the next level, change your skillset or just take a break, JustScholars provides you with all the resources you need for successful career planning. From career planning tools to accredited courses or even just some interesting articles, JustScholars provides you everything you need.

JustScholars is a completely new platform offering a searchable database for college facts that have been collected from hundreds of sources. This includes rankings for all colleges and universities in the United States. The platform also offers profiles, where students can access as many as 900 articles on various topics, along with articles from multiple résumé writers. In addition, JustScholars features 3D interactive campus tours from the best image providers around the world.


You will find information on admissions to all universities, colleges, and polytechnics are also available. All students and graduates looking for work, scholarships, business opportunities, or make money will find our information useful.

This website provides valuable information for students of all educational levels (Undergraduate, Master’s, Doctoral, Postgraduates, Doctoral, and Doctoral).


Anonymous: JustScholar was a great resource for me with scholarship information and updates. Their exam guidelines were very helpful.

Anonymous: JustScholar is my favorite program. They helped me a lot in my search for admission to.com. They helped me tremendously with my Exam guidelines.

Disclaimer: You can find JustScholar here We strive to share all information we collect and provide our users with a link to the original website address to confirm and validate the information.


JustScholars will help you make informed decisions about choosing and finding the best college for your future.

Our goal is different than most college websites. We tell the college story to help you choose the best school for you.

It is more than matching your test scores and GPA to the right college. College Gazette allows you to explore topics like:




  • Recognizing faculty achievements and their accomplishments will help you decide if they match your criteria.


  • Find out where college alumni are currently working.

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